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Javier Villegas takes over 1st place in the 2011 IFMXF FIM World Championship tour

Jun 13th, 2011

Finally on vacation! It's been a few long months of contests and right now I'm enjoying some time for my self and the family. Over the past 2 months I have competed in 9 contests in 7 different cities in 5 countries across 3 continents.

Red Bull X fighters: I got the nod to participate in the Red Bull X Fighters starting in Brazil. The course was huge and the crowd was amazing reaching 100,000 wild Brazilian fans. On my qualifier run I did exactly what I was aiming for and moved straight to the top 6 riders. As soon as I achieved that I set a higher goal, to get in the top 3 in the final. My first head to head was against one of the best of the RBXF Andre Villa and he beat me by a very narrow margin which left me in my qualifier position finishing in 6th place. I didn't get discouraged, but just more motivated to improve for my next contest and learn the RBXF format so I can improve my results. I will be competing in Rome Italy at the Stadio Olimpico, Viale dei Gladiatori 2 a huge stadium that seats 75,000 people in the heart of Italy for the next round of the 2011 RBXF world tour on June 24th.

IFMXF FIM Night of the Jumps: The IFMXF series has been going great and I love riding in the packed stadiums. The first stop was a two contest stop in Berlin, Germany and I came away with 3rd on the first night and 2nd on the final night. The next stop was in Torino, Italy and I took home 2nd place. The most recent stop was a two contest stop in Basel, Switzerland and I got 3rd on the first night and 2nd on the final night. This was the stop that I took home the championship points lead for the 2011 tour. In about 5 days I'll be heading to Penza, Russia for the 6th and 7th stop of the Night of the Jumps tour where I'm aiming to get an even bigger gap on the leader board and take the victory.

X Pilots: The 2011 Monster Energy X Pilots tour has been going very good for me. The series sells out large stadiums all thru Mexico. My first 2011 stop was in Monterrey, Mexico I got 2nd. The second stop was in Culiacan, Mexico where I got a first. The third stop was in Leon, Mexico where I came away with 1st place.

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