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Slashing Gravity with Greg Hartman

Mar 27th, 2010

Photo Credit: Steve Densmore.

Greg Hartman gives ESPN a behind the scenes riders perspective on his 2010 Gravity Slashers tour.

By: Greg Hartman.

For 2010, Feld Motorsports has stepped up their game quite a bit in the freestyle motocross department. By now, most of us know how involved the Nuclear Cowboyz tour has become -- with choreographed FMX, big names, and a long tour, they have been at the forefront of FMX talk this winter season. Although Jimmie McGuire and Adam Jones keep us very informed how frustrated they are with airports via Facebook, the reality is that they're not the only guys riding every weekend.

When I first heard that the winter tour I'd be riding was called "Gravity Slashers," you can imagine my concern about telling my family members. Sometimes families already don't take our jobs seriously, now picture telling them that you're a Gravity Slasher -- it makes you sound like you're part of a comic book series. Even though I was let down with the tour name, you can imagine how disappointed and confused my grandpa would be as I explained to him how I was a "Nuclear Cowboy."

Wild name and all, the Gravity Slashers tour has become one of the funnest events I've ridden in my career. With a blend of the old IFMA contests and Nuclear Cowboyz show formats, it's a pretty good blend of individual runs and riding with your buds. It's also the only tour I've been a part of which pulls riders from each coast together. Our tour has combined East Coast rippers Brody Wilson, Rich Kearns, and Jack Rowe, with talent from the West Coast like Derek Burlew, Nick Dunne, Julian Desseau, Dustin Nowak, Sean Nielson, Keith Sayers, and Drake McElroy. The tour has helped me to make friends with people I never knew and its also taught me a lot about drinking coffee. Early in the schedule, Dustin 'Wacker' Nowak and McElroy insisted that our locker room be equipped with a coffee pot and it's become a staple ever since.

Heath Frisby (snowmobile), Keith Sayers (middle) and Nick Dunne throw down side by side by side backflips. Just another day in the office. We don't have a script like Nuclear Cowboyz, but there are choreographed spots where all riders come out and train the ramp flipping side by side and it's pretty exciting to ride in. In fact, there is a spot where Keith Sayers, Nick Dunne, and snowmobiler Heath Frisby flip side by side, jamming to the Brittney Spears song "3." Speaking of that, let it be known that Heath has been an amazing addition to our tour and there's no way he could ever be replaced.

So, whether you have an itch for ruler and stripper flips thrown down by Kearns and Wilson, or you want to see the most stylish whips in the sport being thrown by Bulew and McElroy, Gravity Slashers probably has something that you'd enjoy.

I better run downstairs to get some more coffee -- I think I'm finally addicted.

Greg Hartman 2010 Gravity Slashers

Greg Hartman 2010 Gravity Slashers

Greg Hartman 2010 Gravity Slashers

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