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Greg Hartman headlines 2010 Gravity Slashers Nationwide tour

Jan 20th, 2010

2010 is here and you are everywhere. Greg Hartman is on the Gravity Slashers tour so we asked him to give us the inside line

What's up with Greg Hartman? I took a month off for Christmas. Which was great and now I’m headed back to touring full time on the Gravity Slashers tour. I've also been serious about riding regularly, training more, and hopefully making more trips to California for 2010.

Tell me about the Gravity Slashers tour? The Gravity Slashers is one of Feld entertainments new nationwide indoor arena freestyle tours. Our first event only had a one day move in so they didn't have time to build the whole course, but next weekend in Salt Lake we're supposed to have four takeoff ramps, people jumping side by side, and a script to follow.

Where can we see it? We're doing 9 major cities from Sacramento, CA to Cleveland, OH so hopefully there's one closed to people who want to come. You're kind of out of luck if you're in the South East, but I think Jimmie's tour is doing some there!

Who's on it? It's like me, Rich Kearns, Derek Burlew, Sean Nielson, Brody Wilson, Dustin “Wacker” Nowak, Drake McElroy and Julian Dusseau. Jack Rowe was supposed to be on it, but broke his wrist last week.

What’s your favorite part of this tour? My favorite part is knowing that for the next three months I'm in America! I've done so many international events lately. It feels good to be speaking English. Plus shows in arena's are exciting for riders and crowds alike and we always get to talk on the mike and I get to tell the crowd that I'm into God.

Least Favorite Part of it? Arena's being too small!

How have the crowds been? So far all the seats were filled. It's always rad when you're riding so close to the people.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.

Thank you.

Gravity Slashers 2010 Schedule

Jan 16, 2010 Sat Portland, OR Rose Garden

Jan 22-23, 2010 Fri/Sat Bridgeport, CT Arena at Harbor Yard

Jan 30-31, 2010 Fri/Sat Salt Lake City, UT Energy Solutions Arena

Jan 30, 2010 Sat Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum

Feb 5-6, 2010 Fri/Sat Wichita, KS Intrust Bank Arena

Feb 12-13, 2010 Fri/Sat Little Rock, AR Verizon Arena

Feb 19-20, 2010 Fri/Sat Toledo, OH Lucas County Arena

Feb 19-20, 2010 Fri/Sat Sacramento, CA Arco Arena

Feb 26-27, 2010 Fri/Sat Moline, IL I Wireless Center

Feb 27, 2010 Sat Phoenix, AZ US Airways Center

Mar 5-6, 2010 Fri/Sat Wilkes-Barre, PA Wachovia Arena at Casey Plaza

Mar 6, 2010 Sat Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena

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