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Kyle Loza cover boy

May 19th, 2009

Kyle Loza's featured on cover of Freerider MX

Kyle nabed his first magazine cover, freerider MX saw the photo and had to have it for issue 55.

The Austrailian based Freerider MX magazine has a real ground floor style of coverage for all things moto with an emphasis on FMX, all of course with the Australian edge you would expect.

  • Kyle Loza

"I am suprised and want to say thanks to Freerider MX for putting me on the cover."

  • Ryan Leyba

"Freerider MX has just been killing it with the covers lately... it's almost like they have an entire department dedicated to making the covers as ill as possible."

Make sure to check out Freerider MX at and sign up for a subscription while your there.

With a feature part in the new X Games 3-D movie hitting theaters August 21st, a signature shoe from Etnies on the way, an MTV style reality TV show deal with Mark Burnett Productions and now his first magazine cover.

Kyle Loza already has alot to write home about for 2009. kyle loza cover boy Monster Army" alt="image" />

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