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True Champion The Johnny Campbell Movie

Oct 28th, 2010


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TRUE CHAMPION: THE JOHNNY CAMPBELL MOVIE AVAILABLE NOW ON DVD The famous Off-Road motorcycle racer shares his life story for the first time.

SAN CLEMENTE, CA- Johnny Campbell, the iconic dirt biker who has won the prestigious Baja 1000 Off-Road race a record-setting 11 times, is profiled in a new feature documentary by Seven Films.
Directed by Ryan Ray and narrated by Troy Adamitis, TRUE CHAMPION is the story of how Johnny Campbell evolved from the typical southern California adolescent roosting around on a dirt bike to a multi-time desert racing champion with world-wide respect. What isn’t typical is the path Campbell faced in becoming a champion: A tragic turning point effectively ending his youth and presenting him with a choice to go “All-In” and chase his dreams to become the winningest racer in the 43 year history of the Baja 1000.

Hear from family, friends, competitors, and fellow champions like Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Johnson about how Campbell takes not only the fast road to victory, but also the high road of faith and integrity in his personal life.
Featuring beautifully brutal, remote deserts and beaches from Nevada to the tip of Baja Mexico, the film illustrates the skill, stamina and courage necessary to pilot a Factory Honda race machine at speeds over 100mph across the desert.

Learn from Johnny and other dirt bike experts what it takes for man and machine to win the longest and toughest desert races on the planet and find out what makes a TRUE CHAMPION.

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